Welcome to Ebarb Software and Web Dev Portfolio Page!

Thanks for visiting Ebarb Software and Web Dev Portfolio page. As anyone knows your website is your face on the public web. If you are a store owner, it can also very likely be a key revenue source as well. Without a decent site design, a lot of potential customers will not see your products. Even if your site is informational in nature only, a poor design or no design leads to missed customer contact.

We pride ourselves on creating artistic, modern designs to serve you as your face on the web. Check out Ebarb Software and Web Dev’s complete portfolio here. On this page you can see our web design work, custom artwork and much more! If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to request a consultation. Our initial assessment of your needs is always free!

Quality work at affordable prices

One of the most frustrating things for small business owners can be the price of having professional web design work done. A lot of times this drives people to use sites like Wix. Unfortunately, sites like that don’t allow the business owner to retain the rights to their content. We provide a professional web design service at a modest price to give your business not only a professional look, but to allow you to retain ownership of the site itself.